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Our People

HML XAT is committed to a workplace culture that respects and promotes the value and role of each person within the firm as an individual and vital member of the special team.


Mrs. Hun Kimleng
Partner / Chairwoman

Kimleng is the founder of HML and Chairwoman of HML XAT. With years of business experience in Cambodia, she has an in-depth knowledge of Cambodian law and regulation. Her counsel is sought after by foreign and local investors. She has been actively involved in major banking, finance, mining, energy, agriculture, hotel and resort projects. Kimleng holds a master of law degree and is active in charity.  She is fluent in Khmer and English.


Ms. Mao Samvutheary

Samvutheary has been attorney-at-law and member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia since 1997. She has more than 10 years’ experience as corporate and litigation lawyer with DFDL Mekong Law Group where she became Country Partner in 2008. Her area of expertise is including trading company, project finance transaction, land transaction, loan, corporate, telecommunication, due diligence, land concession, settlement agreement and litigation. Samvutheary is the co-founder and Managing Director to HML and Partner to HML XAT. She holds LL.B, LL.M and LL.D at various Cambodian universities. She is proficient in Khmer and English.


Ms. Kang Leap

Prior to co-founding and Deputy Managing Director to HML, Leap gained over 10 years of practical experience in tax, audit, finance and accounting with various companies including KPMG and DHL. She brings her in-depth knowledge and experience to our clients as Partner of tax advisory in HML XAT. Leap has obtained BB.A and LL.M from various universities, the qualification of Certified Accounting Technician from ACCA located in UK and has been accredited as a Legal Trademark Agent from Ministry of Commerce. She is proficient in Khmer, English and Chinese (speaking).


Mr. Yoshiaki Uno

Ahead of the establishment of Japan’s XAT Tax Corporation, Uno has over 15 years’ experience in international tax with Arthur Andersen, Lehman Brothers and White & Case. Uno is an opinion leader in financial institution taxation by providing strategic and ingenious tax advice for security companies and other financial institutions. In addition, he serves a wide range of professional service to various local and foreign clients. Uno is proficient in Japanese and English.


Mr. Shigenori Uehara

Other than as Partner of Japan’s XAT Tax Corporation, Uehara has been experienced in international tax and transactions with a number of multinational manufacturing companies, chemical, leasing, textile trading with Arthur Andersen as professional tax advisor for more than 15 years. Currently, Uehara is working in Thailand as the Managing Director of XAT Thai Consulting. Also, he provides advice on international tax and management of accounting. Mr. Shigenori is proficient in Japanese and English.


Mr. Takashi Iizuka

 Iizuka is a Partner of Japan’s XAT Tax Corporation with 20 years of practical experience in international tax among various types of multinational corporations including textile, medical and automotive with Arthur Andersen. He is specialized in taxation of M&A and restructuring; he also provides technical advice on succession of family business as well as deal internally and externally with sophisticated interpretation of international taxation. Iizuka is proficient in Japanese and English.

And many more ...